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In the end, despite having no convincing reply to make to Atheist, Christian and Hopeful resolve to ignore him: Christian and Faithful are stopped while passing through the town, and asked what they would buy.

Within his journey there are many obstacles such as temptations both tangible and intangible for instance, the merchandises sold at Vanity Fair and the shortcuts offered, illustrate temptations real Christians must face and overcome ;finding an easy way into heaven, and being thrown off course by material things.

Faithful is a character that faces many difficulties on his own journey to the Celestial City ;his journey has many differences and similarities to the life of Jesus Christ. The plain across which Christian fled is Bedford Plain, which is fifteen miles wide with the town of Bedford in the middle and the river Ouse meandering through the northern half; The "Slough of Despond" a major obstacle for Christian and Pliable: The whole point of the poem is to encourage or convince the reader to believe the tale that Coleridge tells.

The going is, as one might expect, difficult, and midway up he stops at an arbor to rest. Greatheart, the guide and bodyguard sent by the Interpreter with Christiana and her companions from his house to their journey's end. Matthew, Christian and Christiana's eldest son, who marries Mercy.

He appears as a huge demonic creature with fish's scales, the mouth of a lion, feet of a bear, second mouth on his belly, and dragon's wings.

He makes it his aim to avoid any hardship or persecution that Christians may have to undergo. But before they can find their way back to the path, they are seized by a giant, named Despair, who owns this land and treats travelers without mercy. Standfastwhich also takes its title from one of Bunyan's characters.

Rather than attempting to present a view of the faith palatable to outsiders, Bunyan unflinchingly depicts what lies at its heart: Old Honest tells the stories of Mr. The common Christian reply is that suffering is meant to show the people who undergo it the depth of their commitment to God, but again, what purpose would that serve if God himself knows that their faith will not waver and that they will be saved in the end.

Faithful, Christian's friend from the City of Destruction, who is also going on pilgrimage. Formalist, one of two travelers and false pilgrims on the King's Highway, who do not come in by the Wicket Gate, but climb over the wall that encloses it, at least from the hill and sepulchers up to the Hill Difficulty.

The Pilgrim’s Progress: Essay

Since she has a bat's eyes, she would be blind or nearly blind, so her characterization of Christiana as blind in her desire to go on pilgrimage is hypocritical. Doubting Castle, the home of Giant Despair and his Giantess wife, Diffidence; only one key could open its doors and gates, the key Promise.

Ignorance, "the brisk young lad", representing foolishness and conceit who joins the "King's Highway" by way of the "crooked lane" that comes from his native country, called "Conceit.

John Bunyan This article appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture. Christian and Hopeful arrive at the gates of the city and are led in with much praise and exultation.

Like his name, he is stubborn and is disgusted with Christian and with Pliable for making a journey that he thinks is nonsense. For example, in South Africa, a version was written where the injustices which took place in that country were reformulated.

Beelzebubliterally "Lord of the Flies," is one of Satan's companion archdemons, who has erected a fort near the Wicket Gate from which he and his soldiers can shoot arrows of fire at those about to enter the Wicket Gate so they will never enter it.

The point of this encyclical is to remind the Catholic people of. Bunyan has struck a true and profound All the while he condemns disbelievers for their dogmatism and refusal to heed the truth, apparently without recognizing that the attitude he seeks to instill in his readers is the very mirror image of that.

The "Valley of the Shadow of Death" is Millbrook gorge to the west of Ampthill ; "Vanity Fair" is probably also drawn from a number of sources.

She wonders if Christiana will actually go on pilgrimage. He is the son of Say-Well and Mrs. Watchful, another of the Delectable Mountains shepherds. Christian meets Faithful who decides to join him on his travels.

If anyone could really see to the gates of Heaven in this world, there would be no atheists. I have to wonder if Bunyan himself did not notice the blatant logical fallacy here, or if he was simply confident that his readers would not question it.

Bunion is constantly frustrated in his attempts to improve his life by ridding himself of his burdonsome valise, "Dull Care".

This chapter would seem to imply that even Christians go through something similar, and I wonder if the stages I mentioned are not unique to atheism but can be found in major, life-changing experiences of all kinds. The lodging fee for his inn is paid by the Good Samaritan. The work is also so allegorical that one may decide that it is not a novel, since novels generally are somewhat realistic.

Worldly Wiseman to seek deliverance from his burden by means of the Law. The River of Death, the dreadful river that surrounds Mount Zion, deeper or shallower depending on the faith of the one traversing it. Pilgrims Progress Essay First Draft  Pilgrim’s Progress Essay Final Draft John Bunyan's “The Pilgrim's Progress ” is an allegorical story about the Christian religion.

The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

It allegorizes the journey of a Christian into the Celestial City, which represents heaven. In Pilgrim’s Progress Christian appears as the protagonist of the allegory centered in his long journey the City of Destruction to the Heaven (Celestial City) atop mountain called Zion.

The greatest burden bore by the Christian is the knowledge of his own sin as a result of his reading the book in his hand.

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Pilgrim's Progress John Bunyan Pilgrim's Progress essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of. Bunyan’s ultimate aim is the salvation of the soul by the allegorical portrayal of Christian’s different hardships.

This is the central theme of The Pilgrim’s Progress. The style of work, as well as the basic thought of The Pilgrim’s Progress, is deeply predisposed by the Bible, which is accessible and edifying. The Pilgrim's Progress Homework Help Questions. What is the summary of The Pilgrim's Progress Part 2?

In Part 2 of The Pilgrim's Progress, Christiana decides to follow her husband and join him in.

Essay pilgrims progress
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